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Highlights of the aluminum industry on December 19, 2016

  1. Inner Mongolia Liansheng New Energy Materials Co., Ltd. started construction of a 2032MM Hazlet production line in June 2013. The total investment of the project is 1.8 billion yuan.

Can the huge heat of aluminum-air batteries “change the entire energy landscape”?

Aluminum-air battery is a metal-air battery. Because it relies on internal metal fuel for power generation, it can also be classified as a special fuel cell. The battery uses aluminum as the negative electrode and oxygen as

How do non-ferrous metals go in 2017? Let's see what the industry leaders say

This year's non-ferrous market trend is very differentiated. Lead and zinc futures are rising fiercely. Like most black varieties, they are approaching or have doubled. Aluminum prices have also shown a oscillating upward trend,

Lightening accelerates the advent of the aluminum era

When a new wave of global new technology revolution and industrial revolution comes in, the concept of green manufacturing and environmental protection has already gained popular support. Facing increasingly stringent energy conservation and
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